21 March 2017

World Poetry Day

Poetry has always been a love of mine. I don't claim to be a bard(!) but I enjoy dabbling from time to time and you'll see a link to one of my books of poems in the righthand sidebar.

This sonnet appears in it. The idea was that the reader should identify the subject from the words but, of course, depending on your location that may not be so straightforward. Nevertheless, why not have a go?!

Digitally manipulated image of Scott's View, Scottish Borders

Sir W

Such breathtaking views I long enjoyed
across this Border landscape bleak and bluff,
from child to manhood, my mind employed
with romance, tales and ballads brave, enough
to sing this land's song through the ages,
of Alba's blood coursing proud, strong and rough.
Heroic Scots, their image owed my pages,
held high esteem anew the world around,
cushioned me with fame and ample wages,
lauded, my reputation laurel-crowned.
Though my work still finds eager audience
while books and film and opera abound,
yet I would hold this last painful grievance,
that at the end debt was my achievance.

Do you have a favourite poem or poet? Let us know in the comments below ;)
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