6 February 2017

A Great Day for Lame Ducks!

Did you know that today, Monday 6 February, is designated Lame Duck Day?; comforting perhaps for anyone so afflicted but not, maybe, something that many of us are aware of or would plan to celebrate. So how about Frozen Yogurt Day instead? Yes, it's that too!

Selection of DCUK characters
Not lame at all - these DCUK chaps can be found at Artizan Melrose
Every day of the year has been designated to celebrate or mark something: some are fun and frivolous others are official and internationally recognised. Some days have multiple options and others only one but there's something for everyone. Check out the Days of the Year website for lots more info.

We often take a look and if there's a topic we can relate to in the shop we enjoy featuring it on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Recently, we've had fun with the following Days.

Celebrating penguins at Present Perfect, Melrose
Penguin Awareness Day, 20 January
Penguins are popular all the time as these items show: glass penguin and chick from D&J Glassware, handmade brooch by Kittiwake Design and gorgeous giftwrap by Jane Crick.

Celebrating squirrels at Present Perfect, Melrose
Squirrel Appreciation Day, 21 January
Squirrels are another furry favourite and this scurry enjoyed their turn in the spotlight!

Red roses of all kinds for Burn's Day
Robert Burns' Day, 25 January
Of course, we couldn't overlook Scotland's Bard and paid tribute to his poem My Love is Like .....

Wooden tray illustrated with chocolate cake
Chocolate Cake Day, 27 January
Two days later we would have been celebrating chocolate cake, if only we'd had some!

Collage of roosters/hens to mark Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year fell on 28 January this year - the Year of the Rooster
We managed to round up this clutch of hens and roosters to mark the Lunar New Year.

WoodWick candles in Cinnabark and Pear Cider
Candlemas, 2 February 2017
Our love of candles means we celebrate their light everyday but we couldn't possibly miss Candlemas. We've got plenty to choose from in the shop but have settled on this vibrant pic!

Collage of pink images for World Cancer Day
World Cancer Day, 4 February
Just this weekend, we put together this pink collage of gift items and others of our images to mark World Cancer Day.

So you see, surprising though it is even for us and no matter what the day, we often manage to come up with a selection of goodies. And on a dull wet day it definitely helps to lift our spirits! Tomorrow, 7 February, is listed as Ballet Day and Send a Card to a Friend Day. Now that second one ought to be easy!
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