16 January 2017

Hooray for Blue Monday!

Collage of Blue Items at Present Perfect

As Mondays go, today is rather notorious. We're all supposed to be feeling blue: because Christmas has been and gone, our New Year's Resolutions have already begun to slip, maybe we're short of cash, and we're longing for a warm, sunny holiday. Life can be tough!

But when you love the colour blue as much as we do, then Blue Monday is just one more opportunity to celebrate the beautiful things that surround us every day in the shop. Not that they're exclusively blue! - that might get a tad boring even despite the broad array of objects.

We're all drawn to a particular colour or palette of colours and use them to help enrich our personal world whether as part of our wardrobe or living space. And there's something for everyone: monochrome, calm and soothing neutrals or bright, zingy primaries.

Which is your favourite, we'd love to know? If your world is blue, we hope it's absolutely brilliant!
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