14 November 2016

The Spice of Life!

Autumn and Winter may bring darker evenings and colder weather but that also gives us the perfect excuse, if any were needed, to brighten our surroundings with the welcoming glow and comforting fragrance of scented candles. And warm, spicy notes or crisp, fresh aromas make ideal companions.

One of the first fragrances that comes to mind at this time of year is cinnamon. Although it's a spice that we use year round, it is now when we find it scenting everything from Christmas cake to mulled wine. But fortunately, we don't have to try and rival Mary Berry in the kitchen; instead, light a candle!

Christmas candle selection from WoodWick
Beautiful Christmas releases from WoodWick
Our old friend WoodWick never disappoints as can be seen from these Christmas releases. Try Frasier Fir for the invigorating fragrance of an evergreens forest or savour juicy Christmas berries with a touch of warm spice and mistletoe essence in Crimson Berries.

Cinnabark in the attractive Hearthwick range or the trio of Cinnamon Chai, Ground Cinnamon and Spiced Rum in Trilogy are also available.

Christmas candles from Kringle
Kringle Candles' festive selection
We keep to the USA with Kringle Candles' festive selection. You can opt for the Nordic cedar, firewood, orange rind, nutmeg and vanilla bean of Cozy Christmas, or the cranberry, mulberry, plum, vanilla, cinnamon and clove of Frosted Cranberry. Frosted Mahogany blends mahogany, cedarwood, bergamot, rose, citrus, musk and patchouli while Winter Wonderland offers the fresh mix of  hollyberry, frosted ivy, maple, balsam fir and currant.

Giant cinnamon candles from Torc
Torc's giant cinnamon candle will fragrance the entire season
Torc's giant Cinnamon candle has been a feature of our festive range for several years. It makes an excellent centrepiece and will fragrance your home throughout the season. Complete with its own cork mat and a smart presentation box it also makes an ideal gift for any candle lover.

Fruit-scented candle selection from Wax Lyrical
Festive fruitiness from Wax Lyrical
Fruity fragrances feature in Wax Lyrical's Orange and Clove and Fig and Plum from their RHS range. Fig and plum can also be found along with ripe apricot and warm spices in Find the Sixpence for a rich pudding-y hit or try 'Tis the Season for sumptuous red berries with green foliage.

Luxury Christmas candles from Wax Lyrical
More fragrances from Wax Lyrical
More fragrances come from Wax Lyrical in these luxury, large tumbler versions of Golden Sandalwood, Vanilla and Cranberry and Winter Walks.

Bauble-shaped Christmas candles from Wax Lyrical
Baublicious fun from Wax Lyrical !
Finally, add some festive fun to your Christmas d├ęcor with these bauble-shaped candles from Wax Lyrical. Choose between the soft, creamy Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh or the fruity richness of Vanilla and Cranberries.
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