4 October 2016

Autumn, by any other name still as Glorious!

Autumn gift selection by Present Perfect, Melrose
Gifts with an autumnal glow!
Strange isn't it? Some say Autumn and some say Fall. Apparently, before the 16th century we all referred to this season as Harvest, a term that's still used by some of our European cousins with Herfst in Dutch or Herbst in German. The Scots word is Hairst.

Greetings card, Stag and Hare by Hannah Giffard
Stag and Hare by Hannah Giffard - a Green Pebble greetings card
As people moved off the land and began to work in towns and cities the term Harvest became associated just with the act of reaping and the season took on the new name, Fall, just as the leaves do.

Old World travel journal
Old World travel journal by Peter Pauper Press
In the 17th century, migration from Britain to the North American colonies was at its height and the travellers naturally took their language with them. So, as Fall gained greater usage in America its position happened to reverse in England and the word Autumn, long favoured in Latin-speaking countries, became the accepted word.

WoodWick candle and Falling Leaves giftwrap
WoodWick candle, Falling Leaves giftwrap and Feathers card by Dandylion Jack
But, whatever the name, the beautiful colours and (hopefully) mellow days help to compensate for cooler temperatures and longer nights. And there's nothing nicer than being warm and cosy inside, enjoying the welcoming glow of candlelight with a steaming hot drink or perhaps some other warming spirit!

Leaderfoot Viaduct in Autumn, Melrose
Leaderfoot Viaduct near Melrose
Being surrounded by beautiful countryside, Melrose looks even more attractive as the leaves turn and is well worth a late-season visit. Hopefully we'll see you soon!
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