12 September 2016

The Scented Home

Smell is one of our most important senses and scents, fragrances can be evocative of a time or place, can affect our mood; lift our spirits or help us to relax. No wonder then that scented products for the home come in such a wide variety, and there's something suitable for every part of it.

The moment we step through the front door, think how welcoming it is to be greeted by a bright, fresh fragrance rather than, perhaps, damp coats, smelly footwear or pet odours! And if we want this to work 24/7, then a reed diffuser is ideal.

Here, Wax Lyrical's Celebration with it's fresh green apple, pear and tangy white wine with musk base notes or Love and Laughter's eucalyptus and lavender on a cedarwood base could be just the thing. If you prefer a candle, then we have a choice of Kringle's Rainy Day, Splash or Spellbound or WoodWick's Dew Drops, Beachfront Cottage or Ocean Escape, all of which have fresh, clean fragrances.

As we pass into the living room, floral fragrances are often preferred and there are many of these. WoodWick's Honeysuckle, Wild Sweet Pea or Botanical Garden and Kringle's Sunflower Sunrise and Wild Poppies can all provide that gentle background fragrance. You could also try the gardenia blossom, patchouli and rose of Love at First Light or the fresh bluebell flowers, rainwater and oak of Wood Walk from Borders-made Esscentual Candles.

For the kitchen it perhaps makes sense to have food-related fragrances whether they be baking, such as Kringle's Apple Cider Donut, the strong espresso hit of Esscentual Candles's Spring Kitchen or fruity/citrus scents such as WoodWick's Pineapple, Black Cherry, Marionberry, Lemon and Sugared Grapefruit. These, and the floral selection, are all equally at home in the conservatory too.

The bathroom can accommodate a variety of fragrances. We can escape with scents that remind us of holidays like Kringle's Beachside or WoodWick's Beach Boardwalk and Seaside Mimosa. Or wrap ourselves in the fresh, clean fragrances of Kringle's Warm Cotton, WoodWick's Linen or soft Baby Powder.

Finally, the bedroom is our refuge from the cares of the day and, once again, gentle, relaxing fragrances seem most appropriate and can be based around lavender or perhaps the herbal scent of Kringle's Citrus and Sage. Some may prefer the warmer, spicier scent of cinnamon or WoodWick's signature Fireside.

One thing's for sure; whatever your preference, there's something for every room in the house and to suit everyone. So don't relegate candles, reed diffusers or wax melts to just one part of the home or think of them as being suitable only for high days and holidays. Fragrancing has a role to play in our homes and in our sense of wellbeing throughout the year. Call into the shop or view our candle selection online.

Please remember - Always use care when burning candles. Place them on a protected, level surface away from draughts and inflammable materials. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep away from children and pets.
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