21 September 2015

Just a Big Softie!

Even if we get the odd twinge or hear a knee joint complain when we stand, most of us are young at heart! And one thing that can automatically bring a smile to the lips, maybe even a whispered 'awww', is a cuddly toy. We're no exception to their allure. One thing that we have noticed though, is how wonderfully effective these cute characters can be in engaging us in someone's story.

Present Purrfections of Kirkcaldy

In our last blog post we mentioned attending the Scottish launch for Small Business Saturday 2015. Among the six businesses featured was Present Purrfections, the animal themed gift business of Julie Martin-Davy and her husband, based in Kirkcaldy, Fife. The most noticeable character on their stand was Dexter, the shop's mascot, who was named by a lucky customer in a competition, and it's easy to see that he'll be playing a big role in Present Purrfections!

Sweet Pea Felts, NY

One of the first Facebook pages we came across that captures hearts and imaginations is Sweet Pea Felts, NY, USA. Sebastian and Evie are the cutest mice you could ever wish to meet. They are surrounded by an ever growing circle of friends and their adventures are beautifully photographed by creator, Amy Brand. One can't help but wish to live in a world so perfectly tiny and magical!

Felty George and friends created by Signed by Sam

Another Facebook discovery is glass artist Signed by Sam. Sam creates a host of quirky characters in fused glass (as well as beautiful glass 'paintings' of flowers and seascapes). They are headed by goose George and his family but he has an alter ego; Felty George, and his girlfriend Georgina. The gang take us on all sorts of outings! If you use Facebook, you'll discover more at Guzzling Geese.

A new kid on the block is collie pup, Tweed. He helps his owner, Ian Walker of local company, Borders Journeys to round up stray visitors on their guided tours! Tweed has quickly been taken into the hearts of many and has just begun his own Facebook page! Pop over there to join him on his travels.

Mungo the moose at Present Perfect, Melrose

Finally, we couldn't go without championing our own very special friend, Mungo the moose. He has been playing a very low-key role but decided that it was no longer appropriate to hide his light! As you can see from the photos, he is rather fond of candles and enjoys sniffing fragrances that remind him of the great outdoors. But he's intent on building his image all the time so expect to see much more of him!

Do you have a favourite furry friend? Let us know who brings out your softer side!
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