9 February 2015

Valentine display of hearts

Hello young lovers whoever you are (and lovers of every age are young!). Here we are in the second week of February and Valentines everywhere soon will be celebrating their big day! We hope that you enjoy this weekend however you may choose to spend it.

Collage of four hearts

At Present Perfect we have a window dedicated to hearts, from unique handmade mosaics, through wooden, metal and ceramic versions to sterling silver jewellery pieces.

Sterling Silver Jewellery

In fact, being enthused by the feeling of romance in the air we've tried our hand at making a little moving picture show! We hope you like it :)

The maker of our mosaic hearts is Yvette Green of Baobab Tree Mosaics in Gloucestershire. We had some of her little owls last year and she has now made us more plus a couple of larger ones and some beautiful butterflies, a selection of which can be seen in the photo below.

Handmade Mosaics

And, keeping to the handmade theme, we were thrilled to get a parcel of fabulous retro vintage mice from Witt'y Dawn. Two scurried out of the shop almost immediately but you can still enjoy the vibrant colours of the rest!

Handmade retro mice by Witt'y Dawn

Looking forward to Spring, we've also recently received a large consignment of all sorts of giftware from Parlane plus new candle fragrances from WoodWick which means there's plenty for you to see, so we hope you'll be able to visit us soon!

Giant hare by Parlane