3 May 2014

Maytime, Playtime!

Well, the month started cold and wet in this neck of the woods but we daresay some brave souls were dancing around a maypole somewhere! As this is also the ancient Celtic festival of Beltane we thought that gives us a good excuse to show you the lovely Celtic knotwork on this sterling silver pendant necklace!

Celtic Knot Heart Pendant

Or how about these knotwork cufflinks, just so the boys don’t feel left out?!

Celtic Knot Cufflinks

Of course, last month not only were we busy with Easter but also with our 7th Birthday/National Stationery Week Competition! We had a very good response with 45 correct entries and it was also amazing to see from how far afield they came. Our winner, Penelope Harper, lives in Southend, and one of the runners-up in Southampton – which just goes to show, good news travels! But it was also nice to have some lucky locals and Ros, the first to collect her prize, was very pleased with her writing paper and notecards. We would like to thank everyone who took part.

Ros Anderson

National Stationery Week meant we had taken delivery of another selection of stylish rollerball pens from Autograph. We’re pleased to say that you can now see these listed in our online shop.

Autograph Pen & Stationery

With our thoughts on warmer, sunnier days (there’s no harm in wishing!) we picked out three fab fragrances from our stock of WoodWick candles which we think are just the thing: cool Green Lotus; clean, fresh Linen; and zesty Lemongrass. Create your own early summer sunshine!

WoodWick Candles

You could also pick up on those fresh colours with these beautiful faux hydrangea flowers. They provide THE finishing touch to this purple ceramic vase. Just one of the purple accessories from notecards to photo frames on display in the window at the moment. Such a rich colour but one that can be used in many combinations.

Faux Hydrangeas

Finally, two bank holidays this month, give the chance to enjoy a day or two away or simply take it easy. That’s where the Maytime, playtime comes in! Whatever you are planning, we hope you have a great time. As ever, we look forward to seeing you.