4 February 2014

Back from Africa!

Elephant Trio in Kruger Park, South Africa

Isn't it an endearing sight? We saw lots of elephants and many more animals during our time in the Kruger Park, South Africa. The highlight was a leopard lying along a tree bough, a very rare sighting during daytime! We also had a very enjoyable week in guest lodges before entering the park. At the Blyde River Canyon Lodge, zebras approached the terrace during dinner on our first evening. South Africa is a beautiful country and offers so many wonderful sights, be they landscapes, wild life or weather. We had a couple of terrific thunderstorms - very atmospheric but WARM! We had not visited for ten years and it was great to be back!

Heart Clock in Cornish slate by Driftmoods

We have now had just one week back in the shop and, of course, Valentine's Day is on the horizon. Many customers admired our 'Christmas tree' and urged us to keep it for other occasions, so it is now bedecked with lots of heart decorations plus some birdies and owls to provide fun little tokens of love! Do call in to see it. Naturally, we have plenty of other gifts if you should like to demonstrate your affection in a slightly different fashion, such as this handmade Cornish slate clock – why not blend romantic with practical?! Remember too that the hearts and some jewellery pieces are available from our online shop.

Wicker chair at sale price

At the end of last year we managed to have a one day sale before our impending holiday. Well, we're pleased to say that some items are still at their sale prices, so it's still possible to make good savings on a table lamp or home decor item as well as on some smaller gifts - great to bear in mind for Mother's Day or any upcoming birthdays etc. Makes sense to get them while the going's good!

Trade magazines and Brochures

Spring always brings a flurry of trade magazines and brochures from suppliers and we're as eager as you to know what the new season has in store! Over the next couple of months we hope to have a variety of new stock coming in as we plan to visit some of our suppliers direct and place orders. So do keep calling in to see what may have arrived.

Blyde River Canyon, South Africa

We'll leave you with one more glimpse of South Africa and the stunning scenery of the Blyde River Canyon.

See you soon!