4 July 2013

Celebrate Your Independents!

Indie Retailer Month
July is Independent Retailer Month when we are all encouraged to support small, local independent businesses to help keep our town/village centres alive. The downturn in the economy continues to make life difficult for many small businesses but we can all help to reverse the situation by doing more of our shopping locally rather than online or in out-of-town centres. And it’s worth remembering that for every £1 spent locally around 50p – 70p circulates back into the local economy compared to only about 5p if it’s spent online or out of town.
Handmade & Silver Jewellery
Present Perfect will be doing its bit by making various offers throughout July! You can SAVE 20% on any of our handmade or solid silver jewellery. This includes pieces by Jules Jules, Jules + Fiona, JSK and Fiona Gurney. Prices start from £12.
Candles & Diffusers
Or SAVE £5 when you buy any two candles/reed diffusers priced £14.99 or more. Make your choice from the fabulous fragrances offered by WoodWick, Trapp, M&Sense and Fired Earth.
In addition, there will be a variety of ad hoc offers dotted through the month such as ‘Buy four greetings cards and get a fifth one FREE’ or ‘Buy a mug and get a second one for half price’ etc. So there will be plenty of opportunities to make savings!
*In each case the cheapest item will be given free or discounted and all offers are subject to availability.
We look forward to seeing you soon. Remember to bring your loyalty card or pick one up if you haven’t already. Why not ‘like’ us on Facebook to see regular updates?