2 December 2011

Advent Offer for December 2nd.

Today you can save £5 when you buy any two standard size WoodWick candles from across the ranges - and there are several styles from which to choose, from the classic single fragrance at £13.99 and the triple fragrance "Trilogy", £14.99.

There is "Escape", a new jar shape and style of wax but still with the gently crackling wooden wick - £16.99.

The colourful tins of the "Gallerie" range offer a different look and great fragrances at £14.99.

And, of course, we have delicious festive fragrances including the Twinkling Glass range (on the right, above) at £17.99 and the Perfect Harmony trio (above on the left) at £19.99.

So, the choice is yours and there's a £5 saving for any two!

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