3 August 2010

August Event !

Hello and welcome to this month's newsletter. Please remember that you can click on any photograph to enlarge.

The gang's here to tell you the latest news! These soft and fluffy ducks, rabbits and teddies have the best seat in the house (we told you about in last month's post) from which to survey the beautiful table lamps that are on sale during August. Just like last year, we're having an
August Event 
and all our electric lighting and wall pictures will have at least
20% off 
throughout the month.

Just think, a beautiful Mindy Brownes' table lamp will become even greater value for money, while others will make unbelievable bargains, so don't delay!

Keeping to the theme of light, we are thrilled to tell you about a newly arrived candle range, called Beanpod, from the USA. Beanpod pride themselves on being "green" and the candles are made from pure soy, with a lead-free wick. They are presented in a jar etched with their distinctive soy bean design and topped with a bright metal lid which also acts as a coaster.

The candles currently come in  five fragrances, in three sizes:    7.5 oz, 10.5 oz, 18.5 oz, priced from £11.95 to £19.95. With fragrances such as 'Summer Nights' (raspberry, grapefruit), 'Evening Glow' (fir, orange & lemon), 'Fireside Chat' (cedar, eucalyptus), 'Cocktail Delight' (citrus, cilantro) and 'Smiles & Laughs' (lotus, ginger & water lily) there's sure to be one for you.

We also have new arrivals from WoodWick candles. PETITES are their latest votive candles. Complete with its own glass container, each candle burns for up to 20 hours and costs only £2.95. Also we have four new fragrances from the Fusion range: Linen Bouquet, Water Mint, Raspberry Mojito and Orange Gingersnap. Each in a unique hand blown glass container. The good news is that these are at a new LOWER price of £14.95, saving £2 !

The cute animal door stops that we told you about in June have sold very well and so we took the opportunity to order some slightly different ones when we were in Harrogate last month. This amusing cat or donkey will do good service for only £14.95.

A few new jewellery pieces are in stock, including these dichroic glass pendants. By their nature, they are difficult to photograph because the glass fools the camera focus(!) but, hopefully, this gives you an idea: (l to r) lilac/blue, deep blue and rust/gold. There is also a turquoise blue/green. Each one is unique. The pendants are strung on cord and ribbon and, at only £7.50 each, you can ring the changes!

Now, cast your mind back to the time you enjoyed looking through a kaleidoscope! Well, those times can be here again with this neat version from Shudehill. The honeycomb lens creates the image from whatever you choose to look at, so the permutations are literally endless. The tooled leather barrel comes in three colours: brown, burgundy and black. For only £7.50, you can feel young again!

Also in the picture (above left), is one of the two new photograph frames we have, in the current fashion for subject specific frames. "Family" has a brown gloss frame while "Friends" is purple. At only £6.95 each it makes sense to get those prints off the computer and on show!

For August, we have all sorts of fabulous bargains and interesting new stock to show you and we look forward to seeing you soon.