7 July 2010

It Will Soon Be Time For Harrogate Home & Gift!

Hello and welcome to our Blog. Mid-July brings with it the Home & Gift trade fair in Harrogate. If the weather is fine, it's enjoyable to wander around the venues in the town centre, spread between the conference centre and several large hotels, to see what the autumn/winter season has to offer (I know, some of you haven't had a summer holiday yet!).

The only slight frustration sometimes when visiting trade fairs is having to wait for the ordered goods to arrive. For example, we have recently received a few pieces of mahogany furniture that we saw back in February! There is a rather attractive basket weave chair, a 'torchere' or plant stand table and a nest of 3 tables (one of which you can see in the photo above). It's nice to be able to ring the changes in the shop when such items come in.

We also have some newer lighting pieces on display and here are a couple of the table lamps. On the left is a small buffet lamp with a ceramic base from Mindy Brownes Interiors, priced £90. The pillar lamp (right) is metal with a painted surface, brass highlights and a champagne-coloured silk shade. It costs £65. Each lamp is available as a pair, which would also give you a ten per cent saving on the individual price! The pillar lamp is sitting on the torchere table and you can also see two of the elegant 4D Art lady figurines in the picture. Remember that you can click on the photographs to enlarge them.

In last month's newsletter you may remember the three new Eildon Bears that had arrived. Well, 'Berowalt', the miniature tweed bear, sold very quickly and has now been replaced with 'Chartreuse' above. The name is taken from the yellow-green mohair fur and continues the theme begun with 'Kirsche'. You will also notice a new owl design. Made from Jane Churchill materials, this cute character has a lot of hand sewn detailing and costs £15.

As I'm sure you know by now, we love all things candle-related and I thought I'd draw your attention to these tea-light holders. The individual crystal holders can be used in so many places where gentle candlelight is wanted and at only £4.95 each they are excellent value. The triple holder (£19.95) has diamond-shaped crystals held suspended between partially mirrored glass panels which makes a very attractive effect. Ideal for use on the dining table where the low level flame won't hinder across-table conversation. Candles/candlesticks, hurricane lanterns, vases and other home decor objects make excellent gifts for any and all occasions but especially perhaps if you have any summer weddings coming up.

We'll be looking out for all sorts of new things in Harrogate and we look forward to seeing you too on your next visit to Present Perfect.